Green and digital transition - Challenge or opportunity 2024-01-11

The 43rd International Scientific Conference on the Development of Organizational Sciences will be held in Portorož from March 20 to 22, 2024. The Faculty of Organizational Sciences, at the University of Maribor, invites you to come together to find the appropriate response to society's challenges, through the organization's growth strategy.

The objectives address the environmental dimensions and opt to stimulate the economy through green technologies and sustainable development. The sustainable development of organizations has major implications for the way the business world will function in the future. Above all, it must be in line with the legal framework in the green and digital transition.

Organizations need to consider a range of competencies to manage the green and digital transition successfully. From the point of view of information systems, advances in digital technologies, information security and other related contents, the green and digital transition will open opportunities for new IT tools.

At the 43rd conference, the green and digital transition in 2024 will be a common starting point for research and professional and scientific discussion. Is the green and digital transition challenging or an opportunity for organizations and society?

Take the opportunity and answer this challenge in Portorož from March 20-22.

Offer your opinions and views which together with scientific and professional discussions will inspire us all for future action. The conference aims to build content for creating a sustainable and socially responsible environment by combining applied solutions and science.
Join this event and you will find out the direction of the sustainable development of society in 2024.
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Tamara Besednjak Valič

Faculty Of Information Studies In Novo Mesto



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