I2P4Green HEI course kicked off! 2024-03-06

We're thrilled to share the remarkable start of the I2P4Green Course (HEI version), a flagship initiative by IPR4SC that attracted 120 professionals and students from a myriad of academic and professional landscapes.
A deep dive into the enrollment data reveals a vibrant tapestry of participants: around 28% are from the Business sector, 18% are from Engineering, followed by notable representations from Law (12.5%) and Informatics (10%). Moreover, an impressive 30.84% of our participants come from diverse fields, including Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, and more, underscoring the course's interdisciplinarity and adaptability.
The professional composition of our course is equally diverse, with a balanced mix of students (37.5%) and employees (almost 40%), alongside entrepreneurs (around 8%) and startup representatives (5%). This diversity enriches the learning experience and highlights the course's practical relevance across various career stages. Additionally, the course has piqued the interest of highly specialized professionals, including researchers and PhD students, each group comprising 2.5% of the participants, and a university professor.
The initial feedback from participants that have already finished the first unit has been overwhelmingly positive, with an average satisfaction rating of 4/5. Participants have lauded the course for its clear objectives, engaging content, and direct career applicability. Case studies have been praised for sparking interest and facilitating dynamic discussions.



Tamara Besednjak Valič

Faculty Of Information Studies In Novo Mesto

e-mail: tamara.valic@fis.unm.si


Virág Szuák

Pannon Business Network Association

e-mail: virag.szuak@pbn.hu