IPR4SC from North to South 2022-10-27

The previous and the next month will be busy for IPR4SC; connecting to other initiatives and taking the opportunities to talk about the importance of IP and IP data for sustainability and circularity.
In October, we presented the project at the Arctic Circles workshop, taking place in Mo i Rana, just below the geographical arctic circle, and in about a month we will go even further north to present it at the Europadagene (European days) in Bodø, venturing above the arctic circle. At the Arctic Circles event especially the power of data for the transition to circular economy was emphasized, and diccussed also with the Circular Regions.


Next week we will also present a paper in Slovenia at the Slovene Sociological Association annual conference. The paper is prepared by members of our IPR4SC team Ana Hafner (Logika) and Dolores Modic (NORD) and in collaboration with Rade Skoric (PhD student at FIS). The paper entitled Final burnout or premature death of an internal combustion engine? discusses the use of patent data to understand the trends connected to a large sustainability push in the automotive industry, that of replacing the internal combustion powertrains to alternative powertrains. Patent data can encover where and how the industry is (not) shifting.



Tamara Besednjak Valič

Faculty Of Information Studies In Novo Mesto

e-mail: tamara.valic@fis.unm.si


Virág Szuák

Pannon Business Network Association

e-mail: virag.szuak@pbn.hu