Idea fair platform - support for business ideas

One of the fundamental conditions of ecosystem development is the adequate support of ideas.
In line with this idea, the EcoAction partnership is committed to providing adequate support for business ideas. As part of the project, in addition to expanding students' entrepreneurial skills, mentoring is also provided.
In addition to these, they consider it important to create an idea fair where those who have a great business idea but need help in certain areas to successfully implement it can find a partner.
On the page, it is possible to display a business idea, highlighting the area where the given entrepreneur / start-up needs support.
By providing their contact information, they become easily available to those who wish to provide a solution to the defined problem.
Thanks to the continuous visit of ideas and solution providers, a kind of entrepreneurial market is formed, within the framework of which everyone can find solutions to a wide variety of problems:
  • initiation of patent proceedings
  • prototype making
  • creating a business plan
  • making a marketing plan
So do you have a good idea but stuck somewhere? EcoAction’s idea fair can help you.
Send us the following information via e-mail and be present at the ide fair platfrom!
Needed information:
  • The name of the project / product / startup with call to action (e.g., the reason for the post) – 150 caracters
  • What is the benefit of the product / service / idea to whom? - 200 caracters
  • Images related to your idea ( if available)
  • Key customer- 200 caracters
  • The problem- 200 caracters
  • The solution- 500 caracters
  • What’s new- 500 caracters
  • Business model- 400 caracters
  • Brife history- 500 caracters
  • Your next goal- 200 caracters
  • Reason for sharing on EcoAction
  • Weblink
  • Contact details
Please send the above-described information here: