It’s almost holiday time: here’s some summer IP news for you 2023-07-10

Look around. Although flip flops have been around for ages, there are several patents related to them. You are more of a sandal person? Do you want to convert your flip flops into sandals instead? No worries, we have a patent for you as well (here is just a few patents related to this: ES1298864U; US2013340285A1). You came home after vacation, and not sure where to store them? They have patented solutions for that as well (e.g. US2011120961).

Look up. Like to play around in the sand playing frisbee or in patent language “a saucer shaped throwing implement”? Here is the original US patent US3359678 from 1965. There are of course also several other patented solutions related to the googles themselves (e.g. US4157631) or to devices related to them - from controlling devices to devices for recording frisbee data.
Look down. Or you prefer a swim in the sea, observing the underwater world by using swimming goggles. We have you covered as well, e.g. by these swimming goggles with gravity operated wipers (US4353134).

But to be able to enjoy our underwater world, also new solutions need to be found; including those related to plastic water pollutions. Some of this year’s European  patent office inventor awards, that have just being handed out, are also related to this. You can watch the entire award ceremony here:

We are not breaking for summer just yet, but will first also test our IP Monitor. Stay tuned for more info and instructions on how you could also participate in this IPR4SC pre-summer activity!



Tamara Besednjak Valič

Faculty Of Information Studies In Novo Mesto



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