LIFE Awards 2024 – celebrating a win-win for nature 2024-07-09

The LIFE Awards play a crucial role in promoting circularity initiatives by recognizing and celebrating innovative projects that embody the principles of the circular economy. By shining a spotlight on exemplary efforts, such as river restoration, waste-to-resource transformations, and urban greening, the awards inspire and motivate individuals, organizations, and communities to adopt sustainable practices. The awards not only acknowledge the achievements of those leading the way in environmental stewardship but also amplify their impact, encouraging wider adoption of circular practices. Through this recognition, the LIFE Awards help to foster a culture of sustainability, drive policy changes, and mobilize resources towards projects that create a more resilient and regenerative economy.

The 2024 LIFE Awards celebration took place in May 30th 2024 in Brussels. The live-streamed ceremony, held during the finale of European Green Week, featured speeches and was attended by over 200 guests.

The Awards were categorized into: Award for Nature, Award for Circular Economy and Quality of Life, and Award for Climate Action. This year, a special category was introduced to recognize the vital and indispensable role of clean water in the lives of European Citizens.

The finalists in the category “Circular Economy and Quality of Lige” were the projects “LIFE GreenShoes4All” - designing innovative environmentally friendly shoes to address the footwear industry’s excessive waste and CO2 emissions and “LIFE Planet Farms” - introducing ground-breaking air treatment, hydroponic irrigation, and automated systems for the EU’s first industrial vertical farm, the latter being the final being the winner of the Award.

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