Partnership meeting in Bodø, Norway 2023-11-24

The IPR4SC project held its third in-person meeting in Bodø, Norway, from November 15-17, 2023, at Nord University. This meeting was a significant opportunity for partners to discuss the progress of ongoing activities and plan future steps. A key focus was on the current stage of the I2P for Green course and the IPR Simulation Lab.
The first day was dedicated to the I2P for Green course led by Nord University. Partners were working together in groups, peer-reviewing the training materials. The feedback of the review was shared with the authors of the training contents, who will revise the materials according to the feedback collected. The evaluation and PR of the course were also discussed at the meeting.
The higher education course will start in February and will run for 2 months. You can pre-register here:   
On the second day, Erre Quadro presented the work carried out so far and partners brainstormed on the details of the IPR Simulation Lab. Training materials for digital skills in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will be developed. The aim is not only to protect innovation but also to support strategic decisions using patent data. The structure of the course was validated which will be offered for beginners and advanced learners as well.

Communication and management activities were the key focus on the third day. Partners discussed the upcoming events: a lot of interesting videos, podcasts and webinars are coming stay tuned!
Overall, the meetings played an important role in shaping a comprehensive and flexible learning program on IPR, using a combination of innovative teaching methods and tools to address different learning needs.



Tamara Besednjak Valič

Faculty Of Information Studies In Novo Mesto



Virág Szuák

Pannon Business Network Association