Project meeting in Bodø: ready to pilot the I2P for Green’ course

The 3rd in-person meeting of the IPR4SC project will be taking place in Bodø, Norway, at the premises of Nord University, from 15th to 17th November 2023.  It will be the occasion for all partners to share relevant information on the progress of the implemented activities and consider the next steps together. In particular, the discussion will focus mainly on the current stage of the WP4 activities and the launch of WP5.
As for the WP4 ‘I2P for Green’ course, led by the Nord University, partners will review together the first version of the training materials assigned to each of them over the last months. Moreover, HEI partners are expected to present the timetable of the nearing pilot phase, that will last approximately two months (February and March 2024).
The meeting in Norway will also officially commence activities on WP5 IP for Digital Skills - IPR Simulation Lab, focused on developing training materials for digital skills in the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) field. The goal of this WP is not only to protect innovation, but also to support strategic decisions using patents data.
Under the lead of Erre Quadro, and with the contribution of other partners such as NORD, FIS, and ALGEBRA, this work package will focus on basic concepts and methodologies for data analysis, features and instructions of key IPR monitoring tools, interpretation and use of analysis results to position technologies in the competitive scenario and understand innovative solutions.
There will be two training paths: one for students without data analysis competence, and another for those familiar with methodologies and tools. The training will incorporate group work and gamification, using missions and challenges to simulate real situations.
Stay tuned for further update on the IPR4SC project’s advancement!