Safeguarding IPR in Croatia: A brief Overview of 2022 2024-01-05

Croatia set the stage for protecting ideas and creativity long ago, showcasing a longstanding commitment to nurturing innovation with its initial laws regarding intellectual property dating back to the 19th century. Today, Croatia remains dedicated to robust legal safeguards for intellectual creations, aligning its legal framework with EU legislation in the global arena.
The commitment to intellectual property law is evident in its comprehensive protection of authors, performers, and businesses. Copyright and related rights ensure exclusive control over literary, artistic, and creative works, while industrial property rights, covering patents, trademarks, and designs, safeguard business interests and investments.
The State Intellectual Property Office stands as the competent authority, dedicated to monitoring, analyzing, and recommending the implementation of new regulations, further solidifying Croatia's commitment to intellectual property development.
Annually, the Office issues a report on Statistical data on violations of intellectual property rights in the Republic of Croatia, last one being published in September 2023 for the year 2022. Let’s delve into crucial insights gathered from the Report.
  • In 2022, Customs initiated 760 investigations, with 97.1% driven by rights holders.
  • Notably, 53.4% of investigations focused on small-scale shipments.
  • Counterfeit products included toys (37%), clothing (27%), and footwear (16%).
  • Destruction of 399,660 counterfeit items, valued at €55.7 million, marked a 23% increase from the year 2021.
  • Customs inspectors executed 177 inspections, predominantly on industrial property.
  • Surprisingly, the inspection oversight conducted by the Customs Administration did not include a single inspection related to violations of patent regulations. In fact, the number of accusatory proposals and misdemeanour orders pertaining to patent infringements stood at zero in the year 2022.
  • The State Attorney's Office processed 41 cases, 42% for copyright crimes and 58% for industrial property violations.
To sum up, the year 2022 bore witness to a meticulous and dedicated approach in safeguarding intellectual property rights in Croatia. From vigilant customs interventions to meticulous legal proceedings, the concerted efforts to combat infringement have laid a robust foundation for the future. As we move forward, a continued commitment to the principles of intellectual property rights is imperative, ensuring a secure and innovative landscape for years to come.



Tamara Besednjak Valič

Faculty Of Information Studies In Novo Mesto



Virág Szuák

Pannon Business Network Association