Simulation Lab & partnership meeting in Pisa 2024-06-05

The IPR4SC Simulation Lab and the fourth partnership meeting, hosted by ErreQuadro, took place at the Meeting Art & Craft Centre in Pisa from May 28th to 31st, 2024. Partners simulated the IPR4Data course and its teaching material alongside experts, ensuring the best learning outcomes for participants. Throughout the Simulation Lab, participants engaged in various sessions that covered:

Patents & Patent Search Techniques:
Participants were introduced to patent searches underscoring the importance of understanding what constitutes a patent. The discussions delved deeper into the theoretical aspects of crafting queries for patent searches. These sessions, enhanced with demonstrations and video tutorials, provided practical insights into the complexities of query construction. Participants engaged actively, benefiting from real-time answers to their queries, which facilitated a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Understanding and visualizing data
The event also significantly focused on data management strategies, such as cleaning and disambiguation. The following topics were also highlighted in the meeting: the importance of merging data, visualizing conclusions from data, utilizing tools to manage and interpret data.

Case Studies and Workshops
The presented case study served as a real-world application of the theoretical content discussed, reinforcing learning and offering practical insights.

The course will start in October, you can pre-register for the course here. Be one of the first applicants!

After the Simulation Lab, we dedicated some time to the strategy for promoting and distributing PR materials to appropriate target groups and started to plan future project-related events,and webinars.

The meetings exemplified a successful collaboration among European partners. The discussions and outcomes from this meeting are expected to significantly contribute to the enhancement of intellectual property education, benefiting both current and future generations of researchers and professionals.

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Tamara Besednjak Valič

Faculty Of Information Studies In Novo Mesto



Virág Szuák

Pannon Business Network Association