The Manchester bee: a symbol of hard work and... IPR? 2024-05-13

To celebrate Wordl Bee Day on May 20, we take a look at the fascinating history of the Manchester bee. Behind this unassuming symbol lies a rich history, deep symbolism and a surprising connection to the world of intellectual property rights.

Many of us associate the Manchester bee with the city's coat of arms. But did you know that Manchester City Council has registered a trademark for this design? Trademark registration plays a key role in business success and offers a number of benefits.
The history of the Manchester bee dates back to the tragic events of the 19th century when the city was the center of the industrial revolution. The taming of the bee has become a symbol of hard work, community and solidarity and perfectly reflects Manchester's attitude in the face of challenges. Like bees in a hive, the city's inhabitants worked together to create a strong social and economic fabric.
Today, the Manchester bee is not only a local landmark, but a globally recognized symbol that reflects the city's values and history. Protecting such symbols through intellectual property rights is crucial to preserving their authenticity and meaning for future generations.

Registering a trademark gives companies and organizations exclusive rights to their symbols, protecting them from unauthorized use and ensuring brand consistency. The Manchester bee is a great example of how symbols can evolve and gain meaning, becoming a valuable asset to a community.
International Bee Day is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the importance of the bee as a symbol of work, community and environmental protection and to recognize the role of intellectual property rights in protecting such symbols.



Tamara Besednjak Valič

Faculty Of Information Studies In Novo Mesto



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