Weird and Wonderful Patent Picks 2024-02-06

In the public perception, patents are frequently linked to the notion of eccentric scientists and groundbreaking discoveries. Inventions like the light bulb or the telephone often come to mind, along with famous disputes like the one between Meucci and Edison. However, reality is often far less poetic. It is not uncommon to encounter peculiar inventions, to say the least.

Ever found giving high-fives to be a bit exhausting? No problem, document US5356330A unveils an innovative solution for the classic 'high-five' that might just change the game.

This device is designed to simulate a "high-five" gesture and comprises a lower arm section with an attachable simulated hand, an upper arm section, an elbow joint for pivotally connecting the lower and upper arm sections, and a spring biasing element that encourages the upper and lower arm sections to align in a predetermined position.

A series of fires in high-rise hotels, resulting in tragic fatalities, has underscored the necessity for a breathing apparatus and a method to supply hotel guests and/or firefighters with fresh air during rescue operations. The next invention (document US4320756A) introduces a device and method that involves inserting a breathing tube through the water trap of a toilet, exposing one end to fresh air from a vent pipe connected to the toilet's sewer line. This enables users to breathe fresh air through the tube until they can be safely rescued.

Fresh air delivery, with a touch of eau de toilette!

In recent years, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has annually showcased on its website a list of the most bizarre patents, revealing the diverse and unexpected facets of patented creations. For the 2023 pick, the list starts with a 1973 patent, illustrating a two-in-one toy dog and vacuum cleaner:

This invention serves a practical purpose by allowing the user to vacuum their dog after grooming without causing fear, thanks to the noise reduction provided by the device's enclosure.

The list continues with a 1989 patent, reporting a Shark Protector Suit:

Are you afraid of sharks, or simply want some extra protection when swimming in the ocean? The invention is a combined rubber suit and helmet designed to entirely cover the wearer's body, inclusive of a face mask.

Nothing is worse than a lukewarm beer (or soft drink) on a hot summer day. And who said umbrellas are only for humans? Here’s a beer-brella:

The invention, patented in 2003, features a small umbrella “which may be removably attached to a beverage container in order to shade the beverage container from the direct rays of the sun”.

You don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing when you can stay cozy or cool in this top-to-bottom sauna suit that has you prepared for any kind of weather. Here’s a wearable sauna, patented in 2004:

This invention is capable of preventing wind and sand, rain and snow from penetrating the suit. Now that’s what we call dressing for all occasions!

What can be more annoying than receiving an urgent phone call while halfway through a shower? That’s why in 2006 it was patented this shower head suitable for telephone communication:

If in 2024, you finally plan to learn the ins and outs of making kimchi, here is the perfect accessory:

This 2008 patent is illustrating a kimchi refrigerator!

And finally, what if we told you that you too, could have wings? In 2012, inspired by the flight of bats, a flying suit was patented. Time to hit the gym!

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